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Transforming Urology Treatment with
High-tech Solutions

Ohh-Med Ltd has established itself as a leader and pioneer in developing innovative, technology-based medical solutions for an expanding range of indications in urology.


The company has developed a patented technology based on radiofrequency energy that serves as platform to launch a complete suite of products to treat urological indications such as post-radical prostectomy, Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction.


Tissue Restorative Technology

Ohh-Med has developed a patented technology solution that implements medical-grade radiofrequency (RF) for the treatment of a growing range of urological indications, such as Peyronie, post-radical prostatectomy, and erectile dysfunction.


Expanding Indications in Urology

Ohh-Med continues to invest in advanced clinical research, to expand our indications in order to improve Men’s Health.  Our first commercial product, Vertica, for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, is supported by efficacy and safety data from a pilot clinical study.


We are now performing clinical trials with leading medical institutions in the USA to attain additional clinical data and regulatory approvals.


Ohh-Med is a dynamic medtech startup, pioneering the development of professional and consumer medical devices for a growing range of urological indications. Our team of experienced engineers, together with a global team of urologists are developing cutting-edge medical technologies to provide innovative solutions for a growing range of urological indications.

Ohh-Med's patented technology serves as the platform for a growing range of indications in men's health, such as prostatectomy, Peyronie, and more. The application of radiofrequency (RF) energy triggers a cascade of physiological events to improve and regenerate collagen synthesis and rearrangement at the tissue level. This effect has been proven in medical applications such as aesthetic dermatology, orthopedics and men’s and women’s feminine health.

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Vertica was launched in 2021 and was the company's first commercial product to be released. Its commercial success is proof of concept for an energy-based medical device that treats erectile dysfunction (ED) in a compact, safe, and effective home-use application. With more than 5000 devices already in use around the world, Vertica is a proven success and has provided the staging for a complete road map of indications treated with the Vertica radiofrequency technology.

Vertica was developed by urologists and experts in medical radiofrequency (RF) technology to address a significant unmet need in the male sexual health market - the need for an effective and long-lasting solution to treat erectile dysfunction that is non-invasive, does not require a prescription, and has NO side effects. 

Vertica is intended for use both by men experiencing erectile difficulties, and those wishing to optimize erectile function and prevent ED due to age-related collagen degradation in the erectile tissues.



Ohh-Med Launches Verticaplus Device with Mobile App

June 24, 2024
The new Verticaplus supercharges the benefits of the Vertica with the connectivity of the Verticaplus App which serves as a 'personal coach' during the treatment. 


Ohh-Med Medical Ltd. was founded in 2017 by Mr. Daniel Lischinsky.

The company develops, markets, and distributes Vertica® device. 

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Daniel Lischinsky,

Founder, CEO

Prof. Ilan Gruenwald,

Advisory Board

Prof. Juza Chen,

Advisory Board

Prof. Cobi Reisman,

Advisory Board

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