With the aim of assessing the feasibility, efficacy and safety of Vertica® - Ohh-Med's RF device for home use, a pilot clinical study was conducted at the Neuro-urology unit, Rambam Healthcare Campus, Israel.

28 male patients with organic erectile dysfunction lasting for at least 6 months completed the study. Participants received overall 12 treatments with  the Vertica® device: 2 treatments per week during the first 4 weeks of the trial (8 sessions in total) and thereafter one treatment per week for another 4 weeks (4 sessions in total). Treatments were self-conducted by the participants following detailed instructions.


Outcome measures of success consisted of positive changes in subjective and objective measures of erectile function, achieved without adverse events.




* IIEF - INTERNATIONAL INDEX OF ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION QUESTIONNAIRE: Erectile function scores before and after treatment. A clinically significant improvement was achieved

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  • The results demonstrated a significant improvement and enhancement of penile erections

  • Normal spontaneous erections are achievable following treatment with Vertica®, thus treatment with Vertica® enables the restoration of spontaneous sexual activity

  • The treatment had no side effects 

  • RF therapy adheres to the concept of rehabilitation and enhancement of erectile function